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Some prick

I think some prick is trying to hack my account... I found the password changed, but at least he wasn't smart enough to change the e-mail before I could reset it all.
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Ai Takakashi - Dakishimete

A-kon vids

So Renai Rangers has a little sub-group of the younger members who do some songs and a webisode series called (dot)com cuties. At A-kon the Renai Rangers helped out with (dot) com cuties mini cosplay contest on Sunday and the vids are up!

And in the middle of filming this shit went down(oddly appropriate phrase is oddly appropriate).
Renji Momo Izuru - Friendship

Short A-kon 20. Much longer one with pics to come.

OMG OMG OMG A-kon 20. Epic-ness in all forms.

Thursday: Herding of the train-riders on and sushi dinner! Killer dance-practice of death then some quality-bonding-time with Warren!

Friday: Morning sucky-ness. Renai Rangers photoshoot then our performance of "Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance" in the contest which was a clusterfuck but we won first place and even got a trophy!! Then Aimee arrived to blast my A-kon into extreme awesome levels! Drinky fun-times with Aizen, Gin and Izuru!

Saturday: BLEACH PHOTOSHOOT!!!!! Actually 2 but the offical non-pussy one I was at. Aimee/Aizen was co-host of it and had been really begging me to go. Zach asked her when/where they Bleach shoot was and she pretended not to know! HA! I love my Aizen-taichouuuuuuu!!!! I can't wait for the photoshoot pics! I got pics with Rangiku and a little tiny Shiro-chan who was like 6 years old!! Afterwards he came up to me and asked if his mom could take a picture of us together which I absolutely said yes too. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! Then a lot of us went to a pizza place for water! Many many fun times hanging with Aizen, Gin and Izuru and Kat and everyone! Pizza and Twister party on the 37th floor and fun times with my Ranger girls and Kilian! Watched Bleach that night.
ZOMG IHOP AT 3:00AM WITH AIZEN, GIN, IZURU, KENPACHI AND KAT WITH CRAZY AWESOME WAITER WAS BEYOND EPIC!! We sang and danced to Bleach "Hallelujah Goodbye" and the Caramelldansen song!!!!
Then me and Kenpachi hung out until we went to pass out in our rooms.

Sunday: Dealers room. Check out. Filmed (dot)com cuties A-kon special episode. Train ride home. Super tired. Seriously.

Boys situation was sucky at this con. Whatever. I had a huge blast at this con all because of my friends! Much much love to them all!!!

I am seriously tired as hell.

Much bigger report with awesome pics to come!!
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A-kon prep

I'm pretty well-prepared for A-kon 20 in less than a week. I got Kitt and Sakura's commissions sent off so I don't have to bring them on the trail and they should arrive Monday. I'm pretty much all packed except for my bathroom stuff and regular non-costume clothes(because I need to do laundry) and I want to practice the dance more.

I was supposed to leave for the train station in Norman Thursday morning. Problem is mom has a really important work meeting at school she can't get out of and I don't want to leave my car in Norman for 4 days so it looks like we'll be driving up to Norman Wednesday night and I'll have to stay in a Super 8 motel overnight then take a taxi to the train station the next morning. It's gonna be BORING.

Anyway, the A-kon JPop cosplay contest where Renai Rangers will be performing "Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance" will be held on Friday at 3:00pm. Please some support us and watch us perform!
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Concerts require far too much social interaction for my taste and the rednecks here are scary.

Which is why tonight I'm staying at home and finishing up A-kon costumes/commissions instead of going to the Bret Michaels concert at the casino across town.
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Back from the meeting

Back from the Renai Rangers meeting in Fort Worth. It was super-fun but now I'm super-tired.

Taking the Amtrak train is boring but it beats the hell out of driving myself.

Purikura pics will be posted as soon as Jenn sends me them.

Also for future journal-reference: boy-Taylor will now be referred to as Warren(his actual name, Taylor is his middle name) since there is a girl named Taylor in Renai Rangers.
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